Today was a nice day. This morning we did not have time to decide what we are gonna eat for super. We were suppose to eat some chicken with coconut flower and bake it. But finally I receive a text message from Maxim saying: Hey! I just bought smoke salmon. So, I decide to do some Bagel Buns.

Some time I do my own recipes and some time I use this book, The Keto Shortcut System!it very sample quick and easy. It’s like sheathing KETO but it’s not.

First, we prepare the vegetables and then put into the oven. I did boil a little the Brussels sprouts and then put on top of the other vegetable. Second, I prepared the bagel buns.At the end you see the result. It was an amazing Keto Meal Bagel Buns with smoke Salmond and vegetable.

The easiest, fastest way to “hack” ketoTHIS is the easiest, fastest way to hack the keto diet you’ll ever find. 


The Keto diet has been called a “miracle cure all”…

 All because of the ketogenic diet’s benefits:

 …Excess fat (especially around the belly) quickly melting off….

…Gaining a ton more energy that most adults forget is even possible…

…All while eating more delicious foods than ever before…

…Without suffering from constant hunger…

…And without craving sugar, or other unhealthy foods like with most diets.

Thousands of people, including celebrities like Gywnneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian, and Megan Fox, swear by the benefits of the Keto diet.

Ordinary women, even moms of four kids are seeing themselves shocked at their before and after pictures… 

Fitting into jeans they haven’t worn in decades, and having their doctors shocked at their new healthy numbers.

And that’s because the keto diet puts your body into a state of ketosis. 

This means your body uses its own fat as fuel.

Most people have their bodies programmed to use sugar as fuel…

But when you’re in ketosis and your body uses fat for fuel, that’s when you can experience:

All-day, beaming energy

Your mood and happiness bouncing back up

Clearer, smoother skin

Snapping out of brain and mental fogginess

Excess weight practically melting off your trouble areas

Your libido reawakening, roaring back to life

 The problem is, Keto can get complicated quickly.

 People don’t know what to eat on Keto… 

If done incorrectly, they can stall and get discouraged…

And they can be overwhelmed by the calculations.

But now, that all changes.

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You’ll be looking back at a brand new, healthy you before you know it!

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